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Happy 2015! Long overdue but nonetheless, happy happy 2015!




This blog will probably not see that much life for quite some time to come. Mainly because it interrupts the flow of life a bit too much... But instead I have found the perfect medium to share what I'm doing without breaking up my flow of doing it too much. This wonderful invention is called Instagram....


So if you would like to keep up with me, you can find me on Instagram as Himikonosekkai. Do come over and have a look, you're ever so welcome!

Fancy taking a peek inside our home?

Well that can be arranged. Head over here and hey presto, a little peek inside our home.

A home where the next pair of socks will be knitted up in mainly purple. 


purple hand knit socks


But now it's time to gear up for the heat wave that will hit us over the weekend. And however much I love knitting, heat makes my hands melt onto the needles.... so the socks are facing some quiet time.

Now this is a first for me:



Hand knitted socks. Knit by me. Yippee!

It's been something I wanted to do for a long time but somehow didn't get round to actually do. And now they're done. I'm pleased beyond words. The entire process was a fabulous one. There's something marvelous about seeing a sock grow on your needles, taking it's final shape. 


This is a little of what that looks like...








Right, so, these socks are nowhere near perfect. The changes between the needles are too visible to make a really 'neat' sock but it's a matter of tension and it solves itself with practise. So I cannot and will not be bothered about it. They are socks. Real comfy socks.  *swoon*


And they are done in Manos del Uruguay (don't you just love fair trade yarn) in color 'botanico'.

And to illustrate just how lovely knitting these was, I've started another pair. I'm the sort of girl who always has cold feet and winter tends to come by every year so a good stash of warm socks will come in handy.

It had been quite some time since I worked on a quilt.


baby quilt


But going through my leftover fabrics I kept putting grey, green and yellow together thinking this might be ideal for a gender neutral little quilt.

So I put strips of fabric together, then turned them into rows and sewed them all up. I framed them with a greenish dotted fabric and loved what I ended up with. 


quilt with backing


I used some grey and blue dotted fabric for the back and I was in luck as the fabric just covered the width of the blanket.

Time or lack there of, meant I quilted this one by machine and not by hand. Just straight lines to reinforce the clean lines of the rows of patchwork.


quilt binding


Every time I see it, it makes me smile. The yellow just turns it all so cheerful and there are many cute little prints in there. All in all, this will be the perfect bedding for a little one to come.

And best of all, it happens to suit my latest project, a super easy knitted blanket, perfectly ....


quilt and knitted blanket

Over the past few weeks I've knitted quite a few small cardigans... but most are still awaiting their final assembly. Not so for little Oscar, that one is finished!


oscar cardigan


It's a classic 'grandpa cardigan' with a generous collar that folds back on itself. Probably the best kind of cardigan that anyone, big or small, should treasure in their wardrobe.


oscar and clover


This is a little oscar, sized around 6 months. And yes, there's a new Clover hat in the background there to wear with the fine cardi.

I've used Malabrigo Rios yarn for this project, colorway Anzules. The buttons were hiding in my button jar. 


oscar on a hanger


It's a fun construction and knit totally flat, leaving just the underarms to be seamed. Hence the reason why it took so long to make it's appearance here. 

And this is what it looks like of the hanger and on a doll.... no real babies around so a doll was the next best thing....


wearing the oscar


And for those of you who feel like knitting an oscar of their own, here's the link to the pattern on Ravelry. 

A peek inside my knitting bag...


knitting bag content


Some projects in various stages of progress.... a cowl more than half way done, a tiny cardigan awaiting some sleeves and a little cardigan only just cast on. Plenty to keep me busy.

Little in-between-makes.


pillow with baby booties


The baby booties were done in a leftover from the Sunshine Day Afghan, the doll version. They hardly take any time to knit up and they make a nice little extra with the baby cardigans I plan to knit for the local baby boom.


The pillow... Well, as I was cleaning up my sewing space I came about a single patchwork block. And a day later, a small pillow (35 x 35cm) popped up when I went through the attic space. It was a matter of minutes before I put the two together. I took the square, added a double border, some good batting and set to quilt the lot. No big plans, just a general feeling that it might work out.


pillow stitching


I love the result. And what I love even more is that with a fresh cover, this pillow can go from being stored to being used. 



  • The bigger baby version of the Sunshine Day Afghan is on well on the way to getting finished...


big sunshine day afghan


I'm using Cascade Eco Alpaga yarn to join up the flowers and oh my, it's just so soft! And I rather like the muted grey in combination with the colors that ended up in the flowers. Hmmm, this is turning out just as I had imagined it could.


And doesn't this blanket make a great pair with the other baby blanket that needs a touch of 'finishing'?


blankets to finish

Spring is well truly present today.


spring sewing


It puts a spring in my step.

It makes me pick sweet spring fabrics.

It makes me sit outside while I sew them up.


What do you do when spring springs up?

Quite high up on the list of baby essentials are baby bibs. At least on my list they were...


baby bibs


So far, for all those chubby babies that are springing up around us, I've decided to include some fancy bibs in the presents. By now I have made two sets.


One set for a girl.


girl bibs


And one for a boy.


boy bibs


They make a fun little project and use up hardly any fabric. But best of all they are practical and cute as can be.

If you want to make some yourself, check out Amy's template.  


little pile of baby bibs

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