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Happy feet

And then a little parcel warmed up my letter box...

hand knit socks


Glorious hand knit socks! Knit for me by the adorable Severien. Just because. 

And there is something special in sending off two balls of yarn -Koigu KPPPM- and getting some real socks in return!

warm socks


From the bottom of my heart and my happy warm feet, Thank You Severien!

Thanks for popping by and leaving me such a great comment. You did make me chuckle, that is exactly how I feel at boot finding time too :) Also, very impressive that your legs are so well trained, my soft, uneducated legs are cooing in wonderment at year round skirt wearing!

Hope you're ok btw way, I've missed your posts. I'm sure you're just busy, busy, busy so I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I'll look forward to your next post when you can :)

S x

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