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Sleeping beauties

In the course of the previous years a couple of Blythe beauties made their entrance in the life of my daughters. After a bit of time I was made aware that they had nowhere to sleep as all the other doll beds were occupied by more sizeable dolls. And sharing was no option due to snoring issues.

It's odd how my girls seem to be so occupied with sleep now.... I wish they'd been like that when they were babies themselves... that would have been very welcome back then.

But sleepless Blythes we had on our hands and so Christmas brought them a pair of doll beds.

Now, sleeping on a steel bed without bedding isn't much fun and in anticipation of the complaints of the owners, I set aside some time to make a double set of bedding. This bedding:


blyhte on her bed


blyhte tucked under


tucked in


Don't they look peaceful now? Almost of to the land of nod.... hmmmm.


Well, the bedding I made consisted of a densely stuffed matress, a pillow, a sheet made out of the embroidered edges of an actual vintage sheet, a pillow case and a quilt.

The pillow case is in fact a miniature envelope pillow case with some lace trimmings. On the side I did some tiny embroidery. You'd think a small thing like this would take you next to no time to make but don't be fooled. Changing the colors of embroidery floss and tucking away all the little threads is in fact quite time consuming. But it all looks just so right together... in keeping with the feeling of that bruised and battered steel bed. 


doll bed with bedding


antique sheets


pillow case


quilt detail


The quilt measures about 30 by 30 cm. And at the centre there is a square made of up 111 tiny hexagons. To make these I took a dive in my 'ridiculously small scraps' bag and I went for everything that had a really small pattern on the fabric. Then I just sewed them together randomly. The outer edge of the quilt is done in a small leftover piece of quilting fabric that made it home with me from a trip to Japan around 15 years ago. But I absolutely adore this print. What a shame I only have a couple of inches left by now. 

I decided to tie the centre piece of the quilt in order not to fuss too much with these tiny hexagons and then I just added two quilting lines through the outer edge using the same DMC cotton perle floss in that soft minty green. 


And just to show you what a teeny tiny little work that was, here's my hand (and I have small hands, being a smallish person) compared to this vast quilt....


tiny quilt


If I didn't know how long this little thing actually took me, I might have been tempted to make a similar quilt on a larger scale... to.. for example... cover an actual bed. But as much as I like the outcome of this, there's no way that my impatience would be able to cope with the no doubt years and years it would take to make this in a size acceptable for daily use. Bummer.


But what do you think? Could you see yourself sleeping in a bedding set-up such as this? And what you give it a go to make this in a grown up scale?

I am so impressed! I just love that little pillow case. The embroidery just makes it! And the little quilt is so cute. I tried making something (at the time I didn't know what) with 1/2 inches hexagons and only got as far as a small table mat. I can't even imagine making a full size quilt with them:)

I didn't know hexagons could be so tiny but they are darling. They really compliment the vintage vibe of the bed. I always enjoy seeing the wonderful projects you make for your girls.

Hello I have browsed your blog many times, your work is beautiful. Love these doll quilts - just beautiful

Your work is so super sweet! What a wonderful mother you are to put so much time into these little doll quilts! Super job!

You're so clever! These little quilts are just the sweetest things, I could look at the pictures for hours. I love your blog. xxx

It is fabulous! I would love a bed like this.

I love the baby doll quilt - what is the size of the hexagons? 1 inch? 1 1/2 inch?

Thank you

I love the little quilt. I just started making little hexie's last week and am so addicted. I have made some 7/8" and some 1" little ones. Not sure what I will make yet with them but they are so adorable.

I love the little quilt. I just started making little hexie's last week and am so addicted. I have made some 7/8" and some 1" little ones. Not sure what I will make yet with them but they are so adorable.

Prachtig!! Waar heb je de bedjes gekocht?

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