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A tale of blushings

blushers up close


The delightful Alicia Paulson designed a little rabbit. Then my delightful little offspring really took a shine to it. And as this particular offspring tends to really play with all her dolls and stuffed animals I thought well alright, we'll make room for an adorable bunny with, let's face it, the most adorable boots I've seen in a long while.


blushers in a basket


one relaxed bunny


Her name is Blushers. Officially it's Maggie but, and I am sorry to say this Alicia, when I informed my daughter of this she looked me straight and stern in the eye and went "oh no, that is a horrible name for a rabbit. And for everyone else actually, just horrible." She shook her head in sheer disbelief and then suggested a name that was "totally suited for a bunny and just absolutely smashing.... blushers!" She seemed really chuffed that this bunny had a narrow escape from that awful name and could now relax being a cute Blushers. Oh well. She's 5. We'll put it down to age shall we?


sunny day bunny


And as much as she disliked her official name, she is just smitten with this sweet bunny. And secretly so am I. And hence I am in the process of making her a blanket, a pillow some nightwear and whatever I can think of in the next few weeks. But hush hush, Blushers' chaperone knows nothing of these grand plans and I'd like to keep to keep it so for a little longer.

Blushers turned out so cute! I have been thinking about ordering a PDF from her or maybe wait for the new kits. Also Happy Birthday! I hope you had a good one. I had one on the 11th and I wasn't too happy about that one for some reason:(


I only wish I had thought of the name Blushers before I thought of Maggie! She (they! daughter and bunners) are adorable!

Blushers is adorable! And although I like Maggie too, you can't deny, it's a great name! :)

S x

Such a sweet bunny. How cute is your daughter!

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